Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Memories............

This year has been chocked full of memories of all my peeps growing and maturing:D What fun retirement has allowed me! I get to be a part of their lives on a more constant level! Milly and Margo now live within a couple of miles and I am able to see them at a moments that! The twins are taking part in many things that I can be a part of.......watching mostly...LOL. Hunter, Chase and Milly have been taking Tai Quando and Margo has been taking horseback riding and gymnastics. The twins are also involved in gymnastics and Milly will be starting mid January. Maddie has been in for visits every few months as well as us heading up to K.C. Soon there will be another in K.C.......come August....YEA! The kids are what my world revolves some ways it makes me feel like a mom again......something I always loved being:D Can't wait to see what these little ones bring to 2011!

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