Friday, May 29, 2009

I have always dreamed of...........

being called grandma and having longing little faces begging to go to grandma's house! dream has finally come true and it is so rewarding! Margo has been begging for sometime now:) It makes my heart jump because she loves to be with us! Recently, my son told me that Chase wakes up and asks if they are going to Nana and Papa's house! You gotta love it! Last night Laura, my step daughter called and asked if Josie could come and have a sleep over. Josie asked me once before, but the time wasn't right. The fact that these little ones want to be here and take part in what we are doing simply makes my day:) Don't get me wrong.......I love having my own time to paint and create......but OH THE JOY that comes with knowing that my peeps want to spend time with me!!!!!

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