Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What started out to be a fun trip to the park ended in disaster:( "Terrible Twos" is not a wives tale for those of you that haven't experienced it first hand! Milly and I planned a trip to the neighborhood park to go down the slides today. Once we got to Nana's house, we had to change clothes because the slide doesn't work very well when you are wearing a dress. I had gotten her several new outfits for my house....so we christened one of them. After gathering chips, camera, newspaper and juice we headed down the hill. I was happy to see that it wasn't crowded....in fact there was only one little girl with what looked to be her grandfather! The little girl's name was Katie and she was only 16 months old:) Her grandfather acted like he wasn't sure what to do with her.....LOL Anyway, Katie decided to follow Milly around.........which didn't sit well with Milly. With a one handed push, Milly downed little Katie much to my embarassment. I asked Milly nicely to apologize to Katie (with her grandfather looming over her). Milly decided that she wouldn't and there was NO changing her mind......OH MY! After many attempts, I finally gave up and apologized myself! Katie continued to follow us wherever we went; the jumpy horses, the swings, even to the bench where we got a snack. Grandfather didn't have a clue.......here he was following his granddaughter around following us even to the bench to get a snack. The two of them stood not 2 feet away from us as I got Milly her juice and chips. I offered Katie chips, but her G-father said she had better not! Thinking that would be the end of it, I grabbed my newspaper. Grandfather and Katie just stood there in this awkward silence.....like they were waiting on me to do something.....WHAT???? I have no idea:)

Since the slides were too hot for Milly to go down and the swings were not her cup of tea, we tried climbing on the jungle gym. Katie followed so closely that I was afraid that Milly was going to give her another shove! WOW, I was already exhausted from all the tension. Finally I overheard G-father say to Katie that they would go and get a bite of lunch....Whew was all I could think! As soon as they left the park area............Milly started in with "Where's Katie?" When she saw them getting in their car....she made a run for it. While running after her, I am yelling....trying to stop Milly from running in the street. She acted like she didn't know me, until I picked her up. At this point she started a tantrum that lasted a good 1/2 hour! I said a TANTRUM and I mean it! The poor old man came over to the car and is peering in saying, "I am sorry I upset her".................I am thinking go away I am having a hard enough time here...can't you see! Well, the screaming was SOOOOOOOOO LOUD that I had to roll up all the windows so the neighbors didn't think child abuse was taking place. When we finally got home, I put her in the bed and said, "Don't get up".............that is the last I heard of her. I peeked in about 10 minutes later and she was fast asleep.....LOL This is the part of raising children I had conveniently forgotten! Last Laugh in on ME!

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