Monday, May 18, 2009


When my kids left the nest years ago, I thought life as I loved it was over for me!!!!! It was a very sad time and extremely hard to get used to:( I always loved being a mother and the realization that it would never be the same hit me hard! What I didn't know was that GOD had something even better in store for me! I should have trusted HIM with my future, but instead I doubted that I would ever be as happy again. Enter.......stage babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God knew exactly what he was doing and has blessed me with soon to be 5 of my own grandchildren and 7 wonderful step grandchildren.....some very close to my own!

If you read my blogs at all you know that our lives today are worked around the time we can spend with these precious little peeps!
The more time the better!
We have such fun.....and they do wear me out......playing, talking and working together!
Now that they can all talk and most can carry on a is even more rewarding!
I feel so sorry for those that are unable to experience motherhood
It is the best "gig" in town!
Thank you GOD for all your blessing.

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