Monday, April 6, 2009

Few More Pics from "THE HUNT"....

We have two Mikes and two Chris' so you might be confused! This is Mike C. and Chris H.

Sheila with Hunter

Runnnnnnnnning for Eggs!

Christine and Laura while Josie primps for the camera:)

Kodak Moments.......

Chris W. and Chris H.

Kyle and Hunter playing us "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail".

Sheila and Carrie

I made each of the kids a basket and here they sit....waiting for some action:)

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  1. Love the East er post. It was LOTS of fun! I hope you got the pictures I sent. I am going to be a pain and ask if you could send me the following pictures. Hunter and Kyle.....Hunter and Me......Carrie and me and Chris and Wes. Thanks! Let me know if you did not get the photos I sent. We were having trouble with the internet. I sent 7 individual emails.