Monday, April 27, 2009

Full Week-end!

The little antique "Hosier Cabinet" I have written about in the past!

Below.....our week-end guests!

Over this past week-end we had a lot of company:)
Friday night we were joined by Gabby and and dad were on a retreat!
Saturday.....Margo came to visit and have a "spend over" as the kids say:)
We got a new water table and it was a hit!
Step 2 makes a very nice water/sand table with a cute little umbrella.
Since we don't care to have sand in our house....we fill both sides with water.
The kids thought the umbrella was great, but the wind almost took it away
a couple of times!
I also want to share with you the little "Hosier Cabinet" I have spoken of!
It is the cutest little piece that I found at the Antique Mall where I have my booths.
Obviously made by some sweet dad or grandpa.....this little cabinet has found
a new home!
Notice the little high chair and vacuum the kids love to play with as well.
I would like to have a little stove and frig made by our papa to go with it...hint hint!

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