Sunday, April 5, 2009

Successful Hunting!

Everybody hunted, ate and played!
The Bunny was good to us and brought several hundred eggs....
some filled with cash:)
We worked two days on the yard....getting it up and running for SPRING!
It all looked so pretty.
Nature cooperated
as though it knew this event was special
for a lot of little munchkins!
All week the weatherman had said rain possible snow for Sunday!
Temp's were to drop into the 30's Sunday
it was not the day for an Easter Egg Hunt:)
Well.....the temp was 60 and the sun was out.....(can you say "Happy"?)
The party ended about 3:00
the temp started dropping and the wind kicked up at about 4:00!
Wouldn't you say....Someone was Watching Over Us?"

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