Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jury Duty................

Sheila has been called to Jury Duty and will spend her third day in court tomorrow!

I know it is a privilege to be called up for Jury Duty! And, before you get me wrong......I would love to serve:) The one and only time I was called principal sent a letter asking them to wait and call me in the summer....since I would be out on jury duty 2 weeks in a murder case. At the time the decision made for me was bitter/sweet.......I was very excited to see our Judiciary Process in action.....but....didn't want to be away from my classroom for 2 full weeks with just a sub there to work with the kids:(

Anyway.....the point I am getting to is.....HOW HARD it is for a young family with small children to get away for several days! The cost of a baby-sitter is almost prohibitive these days! At 10.00/hour for the twins.....Sheila and Chris would have had to pay 100.00/day. Since she will have been there 3 days you can see my point. This is only if a baby-sitter that can sit during the day is even found. In our case there is also the time factor. We live 35 miles apart and the trip can be daunting at rush hour. In order to get the children up and out in time to get to court or work we are talking a 2 1/2 hour prep and delivery time.....LOL

Well...............with all this said, the twins have been with me for 3 days now and we have had such a good time:) "Bonding", they call it:)

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  1. I LOVE these photos of the boys can I be a total pain ans ask you to forward the two photos where they are on the bed doing flips? It is just too cute! Thanks again so much for watching the boys! We appreciate it a lot! Now Wes can use his vacation time for the new house or something fun.