Thursday, April 9, 2009

You know the Routine!

The only difference is that it is Thursday....not Sunday! Margo came to visit after school today and spend the night:) We will be in K.C. for Easter and won't get to be with we changed the routine from Sunday to Thursday:) As I write this I can hear her snoring from the monitor across the room....LOL! I found a wonderful antique child's kitchen hutch at the antique mall and now have it in the grandkids room at our house. I have filled it with foods, plates, pots and pans.....and....appliances! Not sure who is having more fun....the kids or me....
Margo had so much fun with the blender and microwave that really work! was hard dragging her away. A HOME RUN in my book:) Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter filled with hope and love...............Linda

1 comment:

  1. Margo is so adorable. She looks so precious and lovable. i love how you put a swing in your work room and she loves it.