Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two for the Price of One.......

Chris and Laura!

My sis and my baby Margo!

Jeff, Chris and Teddy
Friends and Family gathered for TWO CELEBRATIONS!

Uncle Chris W. and Gabby

Di, Bus, Gabby and Kate eating lunch on the deck.....nice weather!

Arica and Jeff opening Shower Gifts for Madison!

Chris, Sheila and Teddy:)

Kyle enjoying the warm weather and a truck or two:)

Sweet Kate!

Twins cooking up some treats for us!

Mom and Dad to be....

Teddy being a good Daddy!

Out on the deck.

Papa and Gabby:)

Mutual Admiration Society!

Laura and I

No explanation needed:)

Dining Out!

Hunter and I share a moment....LOL

Shower Goodies!

More Shower Goodies......Arica, Laura and Christine

Jeff is in love with GOOEY BUTTER CAKE! So what better Birthday Cake?

:) Today we had two celebrations all wrapped up in one:) It was Jeff's 34th Birthday as well as the Celebration of the birth of Jeff and Arica's first baby, Madison Ann ( the Ann is after her Nana....Linda Ann...ha..ha!)


  1. You really got some GOOD photos this time! I love the one of Bus and Gabby! Thanks SO much for all the beef brisket. I had no idea you sent us home with so much! YEAH!

  2. I don't know why I post as administrator but I am sure you know it is Sheila